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Carl Rogers’ Propositions [III]

[III] The organism reacts as an organized whole to this phenomenal field. In my mind this proposition is possibly one of the most influential of all in regards to successful counselling. It encapsulates Rogers’ life-long belief that everyone has an … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning in Bereavement

The loss of someone close feels like it is the end of the world. Your world, or your perception of it as it used to be. Reality for the bereaved is predominantly stuck in the past, with the occasional forays … Continue reading

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Relationships and Reality: Isolation within Bereavement

It goes without saying that when one enters a state of bereavement another reality is unavoidably entered. Through death, a shift in our perception of our world is forced upon us without our consent. We are faced with two choices; … Continue reading

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The Importance of Death in Reality

It’s pretty safe to assume that when death enters our lives the perception of our reality changes yet again. I have already stated my take on reality as one that changes over time and the non-existence of objective reality. My … Continue reading

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